Craigslist trials

I’m sure there are circumstances when apartment hunting would be fun, but this is not one of those times. I hate hate HATE uncertainty in major life issues (like, say, housing and employment) and am hitting both those sweet spots right now. How can I find an apartment if I don’t know where (or IF) I’ll be working? If I’m not working, I will be searching with a VERY limiting search criteria (month to month lease, or 6 months, under $450 pref. incl. utilities, pref. no animals, just south of downtown, or Seward, or NE, near bus route, etc). I am automatically not interested in any ad that is poorly written “ROOM OF UR DREAMZ”.

Then comes the “writing the reply email” part. Contacting these folks and writing an email to describe myself in a flattering but non-self-promoting way. Tricky. Also, since the boy will be visiting on occasion, making sure they aren’t the type who will think I’m going to hell for having him over.

And yes, there will be roommates. Studios are too expensive. So roommate and cleanliness compatibility is also important.




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