While I freely admit to a bit of a socialist streak, I do understand and embrace the importance of capitalism. I must, however, begin a crusade to create a nation-wide, all-encompassing, no-exclusions-allowed, standardization…

…for lightbulbs.

Let’s back up. In my bedroom I have a ceiling fan that has three small lights in the middle. These drove Nick nuts because they were so bright and hurt his eyes while he was in the bed. A few months in to our stay here, the one directly facing the bed burned out, which pleased him immensely. A few weeks after he left for NJ, a second one went out. The last light was small, but more than enough for me to get around in the dark, read a book, etc.

And then last week, the final bulb burned out.

I’m busy these days — weekend trips, work, classes, grocery shopping, job hunting, apartment hunting — and getting new bulbs wasn’t a huge priority for me. So tonight I finally made it out to Target for replacements. I even brought one of the old ones with me.

Should I have craned my head in the crevices to write down all the mumbo-jumbo numbers and letters on the receiving end of the light? Yes. But I didn’t. So I went to Target, bought bulbs that looked perfect, opened them up, and tried to screw one in.


The bulb part was perfect; the screw-in whatchamacalit was too big.

Who knows how long it will be until I can get to Target again. At least a week. And then I’ll have to talk them into accepting an open package. And try to find one that actually works instead.

Therefore, the United States government needs to institute a standardization program, preferably color-coded, to match light fixtures with corresponding bulbs. I rest my case.



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