Off we go again

Despite last week’s hefty jaunt up to Canada, it was pretty easy b/c I was in the car with four chicas and someone else was driving (thanks, Jenna!). Tomorrow, however, is an equally long trip out to Milwaukee. Sans friends. And without an iPod, since I’m not that cool. I’ll be bringing my CD collection (and I honestly couldn’t tell you what the last CD was that I bought… likely something from 2002). I did make sure to buy some dark chocolate bars though. Kat will be proud.

The best part of this weekend will be debuting a Tory Burch dress that looks WAY better on me than it does on that model. Seriously — where are her hips? But don’t worry folks, it’ll be making a reprisal at Carrie’s wedding in two weeks.

Upon returning from MKE I’ll be seeing an apartment that I am optimistic about. Awesome neighborhood and cheap cheap cheap.


ETA: I did not pay full price for the dress!


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