Under Pressure

I will be the first to admit I am terrible at caving to peer pressure. I would never do anything to harm myself, but sometimes peer pressure can fun. Case in point-leggings.

I finally caved and followed the trend and bought a pair. I will admit they are quiet comfortable and affordable. I even bought a dress from Target (judge if you must, but I’m not ashamed) to go with my new pair of leggings.  So far it has been a success story. I’m in the process of purging clothes I no longer like and replacing them with new ones, so the possibilities are endless at this point. Feel free to comment if you have suggestions.

Pressure is also coming into play in the form of chocolate. Why must my boss keep a heavily stocked bowl of candy at her desk? I’m slowing weening myself off the stash…today, only 2 pieces! -Kelly

Must Stay Away!


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