To Market

Finally, a Saturday where I am in town and not rushing to be somewhere else. How sweet it is. I love being in town on Saturday mornings so I can go to the farmer’s markets. This morning I went to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market and the NE Market. They are very different in atmosphere, but both provide excellent and affordable produce. I like the Minneapolis one for the large collections, the samples, array of flowers, and the yummy cinnamon rolls. I like NE because it’s close to my apt, less people, and it’s small enough where you can make a few trip around to really see who has the best prices. -Kelly

Farmer’s Market grabs:

Homegrown garlic: $2

Bunch of purple onions: $1

1/2 dozen sweet corn: $3

2 bunches of basil: $2

Cucumbers: $2

fingerlings potatoes: $2

Green Beans: $2

2 bunches of flowers: $9

For a grand total: $23 (I know totally awesome).

I can’t promise, but I will try to keep you updated on what I make with the food throughout the week.  

The goods



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