Wisconsin: Not that bad

My back and legs are sore, but otherwise, Wisconsin was a success. Even the return traffic wasn’t (that) bad. But what really helps with trips to the east side if the fact that I94 is an interesting ride. Lots of hills, trees, fields, and rock formations. Even I90 and I94 in Minnesota are more geographically/geologically boring than WI.

The wedding had some cute touches specific to the bride and groom, and they had obviously put a lot of thought into the whole thing. I’m not sure if they planned this or someone else, but instead of clinking glasses to get the couple to kiss, the rule was that you had to either 1) sing a song about love to them (a few bars) or 2) demonstrate the kind of kiss you wanted them to have. While with some audience/guest groups this would be a challenge and awkward, the couple are very artistic, and have many artistic friends. The bride’s father cleaned house by singing two songs, and totally getting all grab-ass with his wife in front of everyone. It was awesome.

And, in case I haven’t mentioned yet, it looks like I’ll be employed through August.



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