Bits of Life

Saturday:Sommerfest and Brit’s. There is not a whole lot better than listening to Bossa Nova from a British Pub Patio. Recommendation: Chips and Curry, it’s so good. The curry is delicious, like I wanted to take the leftover curry home with me good. I definitely wish I would have kept a better eye on Sommerfest, because I’m sad there is only one show left. It was a good night with Em and Brittany.

Sunday: Jax Cafe!! Holy cow–that’s good brunch. Jeff and I took my brother and his fiance. We ate so much food, that Jeff and I wondered if Jax Cafe had insurance coverage for overeating. I seriously didn’t even break the surface on the options, but I did manage two desserts. I had requested the matches to say, “Congrats, Justin and Danielle”. I’m going to be a stellar sister-in-law and I officially was asked to be in the wedding.

Monday: I finally had time to get on the Farmer’s Market train. I made the corn to eat throughout the week (I put some honey in the water when boiling the corn. It’s a trick that I learned this weekend and it makes the corn a litte sweeter-no butter needed). I also made my favorite summer snack/side dish–Cucumber Salad! My mom taught me well. I add a splash of vinegar, about a tablespoon of mayo, paprika, salt, and pepper. So simple and so yummy. -Kelly


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