Wedding overload

1) Kelly will be a bridesmaid for her brother’s wedding next August.

2) Kat is getting married next June, and is on record pace to be the fastest, most low-maintenance bride of all time.

3) My cousin is getting married in September.

4) A friend from grad school is getting married in May.

5) Thetas have four weddings in two days next week: Cassie on Friday, and Madelyn’s brother, Caitlyn, and Carrie on Saturday.

6) I’m not invited, but I’ll be buying a gift for another grad school friend getting married in November.

7) I was at a wedding this past weekend for a high school friend of my boyfriend…

…which leads into an interesting situation. Technically he’s my boyfriend, but that word just seems so juvenile. If a conversation from last weekend is to be any indicator, he believes so as well.

The scene: We were just introduced to another wedding guest.

Guest: And she’s your sister…? wife…?

Nick: Somewhere in between.

Ha, right? “Girlfriend” would be the appropriate title, but when you’re 30 you really don’t want to use that word. “Committed, loving partner that lives 1700 miles away” is too cumbersome. I’ve been known to tease him like a sister, and we’re certainly friends, but we can’t discuss marriage at this point, so we can’t use “wife” or even “fiancée” and “friend” is a clear downgrade.

Weddings (and the lack thereof) make life so interesting.



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