Great news — I have an apartment lined up! It’s in Seward, right off Franklin (and the 2 route), on the second floor of a duplex, two female roommates, it’s plenty big enough, *amazingly affordable*, and nothing but positive vibes. I am stoked. Seward is a terrific neighborhood, VERY crunchy, bordered by the LRT station and the Mississippi. I’ll certainly miss Whittier, and being close to Uptown and the lakes. On the “list of things Katie needs to feel sane,” we are now halfway there. Speaking of which…

I try not to give too many updates about the job hunt, because (1) I get sick of talking about it (2) I can never remember how much I told the asker the last time they asked and (3) it changes so much that it’s just not worth it. But today I talked to someone who has something in mind, in the vein of, “We need someone to do this work. Is Katie* still looking for a job?” It’s with a good partner organization that I’m familiar with, I *really truly* enjoy the people that work there, and while it may be slightly more tedious and technical than I’m used to (and still housing related, not transportation), I’m totally cool with it. The big head boss lady was supposed to call me today, but if she did she didn’t leave a message. Hopefully tomorrow morning. I want to lock this down, baby.

(Oh, and the potential job would be located on the 2 bus route, a block from the new apartment. *urban planning swoon*)

I bought a six pack for the weekend. I was very close to opening one right now. Restraint is killing me.



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