How I Get By.

Yesterday kicked off the start of Jersey Shore and Project Runway. It is Christmas in July!

I grew up in the country and never had problems with allergies. Now from living in the cities-I do, and it’s no fun. Every time I go home I need to load up on claritin to be livable. This morning, the lawn is being cut in the backyard of my apartment, and the smell is wonderful. The allergies, however, are not so great. I really hate being medication dependant but it’s the only way.

This weekend is another girl’s cabin weekend. In the case of convenience, we divided meals. I made pesto pasta salad with the basil from the farmer’s market. I also made blueberry avocado salsa. In the sake of my sanity (My internet is driving me crazy) I won’t be posting pictures.  But with the necessary taste test-they are delicious.

This post was very random, I’m sure. But when life isn’t totally exciting-you have to stretch. -Kelly


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