Welcome, Groupon Users!

Two weeks ago, CorePower Yoga had a Groupon. Groupons are apparently good marketing techniques, and I’m sure especially useful for a place like CPY that is intimidating for new people and rather expensive. So they knocked $10 (or $60, depending on how you count) off their monthly price and got a whole bunch of fresh faces to classes.

It’s been kind of amusing, watching them in class. Since I’ve been unable to attend regularly due to traveling, I end up going to the lower-level classes to ease back into it, therefore running into the newbies. I am confident I looked just as bad, if not worse, when I started. Classes have less of a flow because the instructors take longer to demonstrate everything. Which I’m totally fine with, and I definitely need the extra help too.

The biggest issue, however, was today. Someone who had *clearly* been coming for a while came with a friend who had never been. I’m sure they are in their lower 20s. In the minutes before class, meant for silent reflection, stretching, and meditation, they felt the need to giggle and chat (in the worst stage whispers of all time) before class. I didn’t put up with it for long though, before (politely!) telling them to please take their conversation outside the room. They immediately shut up.

Normally with new people, I’d be more sympathetic. But if you’re already a member and familiar with the etiquette, you should know better.

End rant.



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