Coping with the heat

I’ve never been good at the sciences, and it took me several years to really believe that pointing a fan out the window would suck hot air out. Boy do I hate the heat, and especially humidity. The only saving quality of the past few days has been a reliable breeze. Stagnant air would have been much worse.

So I sucked it up and turned on my wall unit a few times earlier this week. It’ll jack my Xcel bill up significantly (I once had it at $11 for a month!), likely to $25 or so, thanks to the wall unit and running two fans. The oscillating one has started making crunching noises… that can’t be good.

It’s a delicate balancing act — the physics of heat, cost savings, and comfort.

Why people choose to have weddings outdoors in the summer is beyond me. Spring or fall, fine. But the weather is so unpredictable (and uncomfortable!) in the summer. And it makes everyone sweat through their nice clothes, especially the guys who rent their cruddy tuxes.

But this weekend should be a success: lunch with Kelly tomorrow (and possibly Martha!), and Carrie’s wedding on Saturday (which will feature several Thetas in one place at the same time). Looking forward to it.



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