Date Night

I saw a review for Pittsburg Blue and I thought is sounded prefect for Jeff. Jeff likes steak. Pittsburg Blue is a steakhouse. Enough said. After enjoying the end of happy hour at the bar, we went outside to eat. I love eating on a patio. We started off sharing the chopped salad and along with the standard loaf of bread(Steakhouse, must).

 For the main course I ordered mushroom capped filet mignon. It was so good. It was made beautifully, and the herbs atop the filet were a great blend.  PS. Don’t we love the steak knife.

Jeff order the “mother-in-law” prime rib. 24-oz of YUM. There hasn’t been a night like this since the great “wing-gate” where Jeff took one wing home from BWW’s. Tonight, he couldn’t finish the last two bites, so now they are chillin’ in the fridge. The prime rib was so good, I can’t stress “Medium Rare” enough. The horseradish sauce was fairly spicy, but it added a good mix of flavor. Pittsburg Blue was a winner! I would recommend it for special occasions. The bar area is good bet too, and they have bar food options which looked great. -Kelly.

Off to Mad-town tomorrow. Couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with Carrie and Bryan and see Theta girls!


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