Ya Can’t Pee Here

Guest Post Time! Since Katie* is off visiting “the BF” and all I do is work and move my stuff (totally boring) we reached out to our friends to keep the troops and ourselves entertained.

*Disclaimer, after living through public urination while studying abroad in India, I am not a fan-but I’m not about to judge. -Kelly

This comes from La Petite Pancake.

As adults in America, we are prescribed a certain set of standards or social norms we must follow in order to survive.  For example, wearing shoes is important to our society for preventing the spread of foot fungi, trapping horrific odors, and allowing us to walk streets which might be littered with glass and other painful objects.  We follow these rules without much complaint.  Those that break the rules are scolded or shunned from the general population.

However, there is one social rule I can’t quite wrap my head around: public urination.

Babies and old people flaunt their love of peeing their pants, yet the average American (tossing in the word “America” makes this sound like an argument for patriotism) has to pay a fine and receives a misdemeanor on their permanent record!  Not only does peeing into the wind feel freeing and magical, but Americans should be allowed to relieve their bladders outdoors whenever they deem necessary.

Think my opinion is too strong?  Perhaps.  Perhaps there should be restrictions on where to pee (example, only in alleyways or overgrown bushes).  In any case, it should not be punishable by law.

If my dream of a world full of public urination never comes to fruition, I will just have to settle for these two options:
Stadium Pal

I hope you find your dream, America.


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