On Saturday night I’m getting dinner with an old friend. For being friends, we sure don’t see or talk to each other much. We knew each other in junior high at church, but she moved away in high school to NoVa. Fast forward ~5 years, and I find her on Facebook. She mentions she’ll be in town to visit her grandparents over Christmas, so I see her for a few hours with another mutual friend. Fast forward another 4 years, when I announce on Facebook that I’ll be in DC for Easter, and she comments and says we should meet up. Well sure, but we haven’t really talked much (ever)… We end up having a terrific conversation for several hours. We agree on just about everything, and have had similar backgrounds so we know where we’re coming from.

After that we were firmly planted in “friend territory” but we just both had very busy lives. I was in my first year of grad school in NJ with MN on my mind, she was working full time and starting part time grad school in DC. We’ve kept in touch sporadically since then (occasional update emails, but no gChat [even though we show up on our lists] and no phone calls).

And now her parents have moved back to Minnesota in their retirement, and she’s coming to visit (along with her fiance, who I naturally haven’t met yet… they started dating shortly after the last time I saw her in DC). The five of us are going out to dinner tomorrow night, and I’m sure it’ll be terrific.

This is a very long way of saying: I am continually amazed at the variety of friendships in my life. My sorority sisters are those that I probably have the most contact with. Tons of emails, chats, and meet ups. I have close friends from high school and even though we’ve gone our separate ways, it is important that we keep each other updated. We are very close and understand each other without a lot of words. Grad school friends are a riot, and I miss all of them every day. Thank goodness I’m able to stay in touch with technology, otherwise it would be very difficult to keep track of them all and show them how much I miss their company.

And then there’s this girl, who is driven and brilliant and is going to change some lives. And while it might be called a casual friendship, it is so valuable to me.

I’m sorry if that sounds like bragging — just on my mind. It’ll be a busy weekend, with my dinner with her and her family as the highlight.



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