Latest update… apologies.

No word back year from the non-profit that might sorta kinda want to hire me (except to say that I haven’t seen the job posted anywhere, so maybe they’re not trying *that* hard to find a paralegal).

BUT. A really cool job in Chicago wants to hear more from me. Woo!

In other news, my apartment is a DISASTER ZONE, and I’m having girlfriends over tomorrow for book club. Plus, I’m making biscuits and gravy, so the apartment will smell like meat. I’ll be running the a/c, giving the fumes no way to escape.

With so many things pulling on my schedule (due date for Chicago job supplemental materials is asap), I went to the grocery store at 7:30am today. I think the ideal grocery shopping time might be 8:30isham on Sundays, b/c the staff just seemed to be starting the restocking process. I’ve grown to like the Uptown Rainbow, and I will miss it. People think it’s a little on the low-end side, which I guess it is considering the other nearby grocery stores are Lunds, Whole Foods, and Kowalski’s. Plus, Rainbow has proposed plans in front of the City to build essentially a new store on the same location, so they aren’t too interesting in throwing a lot of money to make it look when it’ll likely be torn down in a year or so.



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