The Great MN Get Together

Today starts the State Fair. I love the State Fair. Being a former 4-H I’ve spent my fair share of time at the fair (I even have a purple ribbon!). What’s great about the fair, is that everyone has their own favorite fair thing. My favorite fair things, channel 4 news, turkey jerky, deep-fried turkey sandwich, and a deep-fried Reese’s peanut butter cup.

Growing up it was also a tradition to watch channel 4 news at the fair. Seriously, we would sit at the booth like 2 hours before the broadcast so we could get a good seat. I’ve been on TV so many times. One year I even gave Don and Amelia Sweet Martha’s Cookies. Don was great and came over to thank me. Amelia was not.

What can say, I love turkey and when you make it in to jerky or deep fry it is so much better. The jerky is up by The “North Woods”, so I can always get my puppy fix by visiting Raven at Ron Schara’s booth. The turkey sandwiches are located by the “bunny barn” so that worked out nicely. I showed rabbits when I was younger.

Now I work at the Deep Fried Candy Bar Stand. I always loved them, but now I feel like eating more than a few bites will make me sick. However, the Reese’s, are heaven and good to share with your state fair buddy.

Don’t forget to check out the new foods. Another favorite tradition.



One response to “The Great MN Get Together

  1. I demand bunny-show pictures.

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