Closet Purge

I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been slowing working on purging my wardrobe and replacing items with new and better fitting clothing.  Since I wanted to take full advantage of Give and Get  I headed to Banana Republic and Gap. Since I didn’t find what I was exactly looking for (neutral light-tone tops) I settled on trousers. I have been looking for a good pair that can wear to work and that would be able to replace at least one pair of existing work trousers. 

I found a great pair of gray trousers at Banana on sale. They fit great and I already have many tops that will work. Since I had the coupon I walked away with new trousers for $22.00.

It wasn’t hard to make the “What pants am I going to replace?” decision. I have a pair of trouser I bought in high school that I rarely wear. The cut is off and the waistline is a about 5 inches–think mom jeans. These trousers were always a back-up plan and I’m glad to replace them.  -Kelly

New on the left, Good Will on the right


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