Change of strategy

I’m staring at unemployment on Wednesday. Not fun. I’m thinking very hard about what changes I’ll have to make in my lifestyle. This is code for “cutting back financially.”

1) Cut back my loans from 10 year repayment to 25 year repayment. It takes a very simple phone call to make this switch. If I am not employed by Oct 1, I will make the call.

2) Eliminate my yoga membership. This is difficult, because a) I love it b) it keeps me active and c) I currently get a discount for being an employee of the City, so if I do rejoin at some point my monthly fee will be higher. But I know it is a large amount of money that I can do without. If I’m unemployed, that means more biking and walking, both of which I enjoy. Plus, the fall catalog for Mpls Community Ed came, and it has lots of yoga offerings.

3) Eliminate eating out. This is going to be the most difficult. I am not sure if I can go cold turkey on this one. Eating out is a social activity, and I’ll want to hang out with friends. But I just can’t go to restaurants while unemployed. I’ve known for quite some time that way too much money goes to restaurants each month. My billing statements are way too high for this reason. Additionally, I have been slacking in the “cook meals from home” department. With Nick’s move it was inevitable; it just took a few months longer than I had anticipated. And if I’ll have more time on my hands, there is no reason not to make another 10 lb batch of gnocchi.

I am sure there will be other strategies. And if I really an unemployed for too long I might end up making a quilt, which is a pretty expensive process. Plus the trips to NJ/NY. But ever since college I’ve been living with the philosophy of, “I can do just about anything I want on the income I have,” and that will certainly not be the case anymore.



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