Great MN Race – Recap

Several months ago Kelly found The Great MN Race and asked me to sign up with her. I thought it looked like fun  and agreed to do it.

It was a great event! Some folks got really into it and wore coordinating outfits (which Kelly insists we do next year). There was food and giveaways and a really positive atmosphere. 55 teams registered, which was just enough to be manageable while also enough for us not to feel like we were the only ones out there. The clues were mostly in St. Paul and despite the fact we got a day-long MetroTransit pass, it involved a LOT of walking. Uphill. And in a couple of places, running. (I was especially proud of my sprint to the eagle statue overlooking the Mississippi River on Summit Ave.)

The questions were tricky though. Neither of us has the internet on our phones, so we spent a lot of time bothering Nick to Google things for us. Kelly had extensive knowledge of the 3A and 3B from when she lived at Theta and worked in St. Paul, but we still asked Nick for the times of the next arrivals. The Summit Ave eagle definitely took the most time to find, but Nick was very quick on the bocce ball question.

Out of 55 teams, we finished 15th. Woohoo! About 3/4 through the race I guessed we’d be about 17, but my confidence eroded as we left our last stop and got on the bus back to the finish line. I was very proud of our finish.

Fun fact: Did you know Kelly is super competitive? It’s true! She pointed out the areas where we lost time and what we should have done differently. But the compromise would have been giving up an interesting location in favor of attending what was essentially an infomercial for <insert name of car I don’t even want to honor with a Google Alert>. We agreed that next time, we will do whatever it takes to be done sooner. Our goal is to be in the top 10.

Only a few sunburns. Success.


Kelly and kids do the YMCA

Katie* at the eagle statue on Summit Ave

One of our questions -- blurry

After the race in snazzy t shirts


One response to “Great MN Race – Recap

  1. I did the GUR in LA last year. My team was “The Average Joe’s” and we dressed in awesome active-wear. We finished just before the race closed, so I’m uber impressed that you placed…15th no less!

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