A Quick Trip

I was in Seattle/Tacoma Sunday-Tuesday. I may not have mentioned this. I was visiting my friend Andee who goes to school in Tacoma. Ever since she moved out there I’ve been wanting to visit, so we finally made it happen.  *Disclaimer, I will post a photo montage soon.

We made the standard tourist trip into Seattle early Sunday to visit Pike’s Place, the original Starbucks, and the Space Needle. Lucky for us these things are centrally located. Unlucky for us, Seattle has a lot of hills. I fell in love with Pike’s and wanted to buy every bouquet of flowers–absolutely amazing. If I was sea food gal, I totally would have bought some fish just to have them throw it.  We then went the first Starbucks, but then decided to go to Seattle Coffee Works for our fix (we had already stopped at Starbucks in Tacoma). Seattle Coffee Works was by far superior. The trek to the Space Needle provided more hills, but it was great walk through downtown (later we learned of the monorail). I liked the Space Needle, but I never understand the reason to charge $18 to stand on an observation deck. Since Seattle is foggy and rainy 90% of the time, I couldn’t see the best views, but it was still a nice way to see the city.

Andee and I then headed to the Twins/Mariners Game. I’m not saying I went out to the see the Twins Game, but it may or may not have been a factor in deciding. Safeco was a fun field. I even had an “Ichiroll” or Ichro inspired sushi. The Garlic fries were top notch too. The Twins lost, but I came out a winner by “passing as a 12 year old” and getting a free Mariners jersey.

After the game we headed back to Tacoma where we ate at Katie Downs. By this time it was like 11pm central time so I was pretty tired.

On Monday I headed to Mount Rainier. Once again, the rain and fog made it impossible to actually see Mount Rainier even though I was standing right next to it. If you plan a trip to the Seattle Area, Mount Rainier is a must, just make sure it’s a clear day. It was also very cold-47 degrees at one point. I was not prepared and wore a cardy-not a good choice in this situation.  I now own a “Mount Rainier ” stocking hat to prove it. Andee and I ate at The Ram in Tacoma that night. I had a “goober”. It was a peanut butter bacon cheese burger. The fact that I’m still alive and didn’t have a heart attack upon ordering is a complete miracle. The burger was surprising good, yet very messy.   The Ram also had a micro brew, I ordered the “ButtFace”. After that we headed to Andee’s favorite bar, Parkway. I loved this bar. They switch out their beers on tap so there is always a different selection-if no one has thought of this idea in the Twin Cities, someone should.

Tuesday was my last day, so I went on a Ferry Ride. Because of the schedule I was not able to explore the island, but the ferry was fun. Derek Shepard comes to mind when he said, “I like ferry boats.”

Overall, I give Seattle an A. I wish I was more prepared for the cold, but with the abunance of coffee I kept pretty warm.

Random things from the trip: We met Morgan Spurlock and Seattle Drivers are straight up crazy.



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