The Good Life

Since Katie* is stuck with no internet and I am turning into an actual deep-fried candy bar at the State Fair, we reached out for a guest post. Our lovely friend, Kat, over at Tenaciously, Yours wrote her heart out. Enjoy.

Not that I’ve ever been to the Hamptons, but I like to think that if I were to live on the East Coast, I would be 11/10 at it.  Because going to The Hamptons is like being Up North at the Cabin.  ON CRACK.  Meaning they probably don’t have Scandinavian Brush Art or Lawnmowers that are older than I am.  But then again, the East Coast is a WASPY place.  So maybe they do.

Since it’s that Labor Day-ish time of year and Lord knows we need something to ease the passing of this lovely season, I just had to share this fun Op-Art piece from the New York Times, Summer Share-House Squares.  Seeing as the recommended playing pieces are wine corks, bottle caps and sea shells, I might have to gather a group to try playing it myself.

In order to get the full-effect, I would recommend digging out your madras, putting a Shrimp Boil on the stove, making a pitcher (or two) of drinks, and setting up a few lawn games like Croquet and Bocce Ball.  If nothing else is certain, the fact that this is a game that will require frequent intermissions is.

Consider this practice for your True Prep release party.


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