Great weekend. Too much food.

I didn’t even go to the State Fair, but I can feel the food making itself at home in my body. It was a killer combination: trying to minimize the food brought over from the old place to the new, Nick wanting to eat at his favorite places, and an out of town guest. Our friend has been in Chicago for four years, and thinks it’s too big for him. He thinks MSP or Portland would be good alternatives, but had never actually been to MSP before. Nick and I were our usual overenthusiastic tourguide selves.

The best part of the visit was the Nice Ride bikes. They are perfect for showing guests around town (especially crunchy, almost-hipster friends). Nick loved them too, since he no longer has a bike here. It was really ideal. Just $5/day (as long as you switch out bikes every half hour) or $60/year.

As far as the new apartment goes, it’s not bad. There are downsides, which I’m sure you all will experience, but it’s pretty decent. The worst part is figuring out how to store all my stuff. I live in a converted attic so it is all harsh angles and space limitations. Plus, the furnace is up here! It’s going to take some serious creativity to make this work.



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