There are limits

So. Unemployment. Not fun. Finding creative ways to continue to supply income? Not fun either. I’m looking into the Park & Rec options for winter (ugh). Applying to help very part time with a Farmer’s Market for the rest of the season (could be cool!). Looks likely I’ll have some work from a different City department for a little while, flexible and very part time. Today I even agreed to let out the dogs for a lady from church for a couple of weeks. (Me, getting paid for work with dogs? Unthinkable!)

But I reached my limit today: a different lady from church has <1yr old daughter that needs to be watched Monday afternoons. She put out a notice on Facebook. But I can’t do it. Babies are just not for me. Plus, it’s her firstborn, so she’ll be super-protective of the baby, and I have absolutely no certifications or relevant experience whatsoever. There’s no way I’d be able to do it.

…well, maybe I’ll tell her I’ll do it if she’s truly desperate. I think my level of desperation might be higher than hers.



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