First day of school

Kelly is out celebrating her birthday in grand style, which is awesome. I’ll be celebrating her birthday by teaching the preK-K crowd at Sunday School. Fortunately I’m just assisting. But since we use a pretty set curriculum, I’m pretty sure the K’s know more than I do about the program. For example, the kids are only supposed to sit cross-legged or with both legs under them (sitting on ankles), but I usually sit with my arms around my knees, hugging my chest. This will make me a Bad Example, and the kids might try to get away with it themselves.

(This makes the curriculum sound awful and rigid — it actually isn’t. It’s very hippie and holistic. Much better than the Sunday School I had when I actually went. Trust me.)

The best part will be the wondering questions. After telling a Bible story in a certain manner, the teacher asks questions that start with, “I wonder…” …what the purpose of the story is. …how Peter felt when… etc etc.

Apparently, most of the responses from the preK-K group involve dragons. And dinosaurs. Awesome.



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