King Car

(title credit to ego-maniacal grad school prof)

One definite downside to unemployment is my increased amount of driving. When I worked full time I was 1.5 blocks from my bus stop, and 3 blocks to get to work from the last stop. Same in reverse. When Nick was in town we would walk to the Uptown Rainbow (~20 mins). I ended up slacking off a bit and drove to yoga, but since it was only 5 mins away it was quick.

But being unemployed means I’ve been taking more trips to Minnetonka, which is a huge gas suck. And my bus pass didn’t get activated till the middle of last week, so I was less inclined to take the bus. Worse, instead of going to the Stadium Village yoga, I make a 15-20 min drive over to the Uptown location. This is definitely a Bad Thing.

Fortunately, I am closer to church so I might be biking more often. And I start the new part time gig tomorrow which gets me back on the bus (with an even shorter commute!). I recently discovered that the Lake Street Cub, Rainbow, and Target (aka Targhetto) are only a 20 min walk away. This is clutch. Even though they aren’t the best, it is exactly what I need. And, if I’m expecting a big shopping day or it’s below zero, it’s a shorter drive. And even though it’s over 30 mins, I can bike to volunteering.

A little closer to the active lifestyle I want.

Found another job to apply for in Chicago. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result… AA’s definition of “insanity.”



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