1) After cleaning out the fridge the other day, I tallied 5 jars of salsa. Each a different variety; almost uniformly half-full; none expired. Tonight was a quesadilla. There will be nachos. Maybe Kelly can come over and she can recreate the ones we made a few months ago that were the best I’ve ever had. More likely, I’ll go to her place b/c then we can watch the Twins in the Postseason.

2) The best part of fall is wearing skirts to work before it gets too cold. Since I take the bus I don’t trust nylons to keep me warm, so my wardrobe is limited when I revert to pants for the winter. I really enjoy dressing up for work. It can get old and tiresome after a while, but I guess I’m feeling more strongly about it now since I am finally back at work after a three week break. Also, this department is definitely dressed better than my previous department was (nearly retired affordable housing experts vs. mid-30s business development group) so I blend right in. Until my winter parade of slacks + dress shirt + sweater returns.



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