Creepy crawlies

On the spectrum of “prissy girly girl” and “butch manly man” I try to keep a balance, but definitely lean more heavily on the girl side. While I may not get my “manly” vocabulary  (mixing up “tube” for “hose” on a car; “field kick” for “field goal” in football) right, I like to think I have the basics down and can try to at least hold up a conversation on “manly” topics, at the very least by asking relevant questions.

That being said, here’s today’s problem.

My new room has occasional insects. Usually a spider, one or two a week. Once it was a centipede-type-thing. There have been two moths (but I think those are over; I blame the former roommate). I have a mini vacuum. Like a Dust Buster, but on steroids. It has some serious power behind it, but it maneuverable. I’ve been sucking these insects up in the mini vac without killing them first.

The mini vac doesn’t have a bag for the debris, and I’m seriously overdue for emptying the net. But I’m afraid to! Did the spiders die upon suction? Have they been eating the moths? Have they been crawling out every time I think I’ve killed them? Will they scurry and scamper when I empty the net?

More importantly: Does anyone want to come over and empty the net out for me??



2 responses to “Creepy crawlies

  1. this is my favorite post to date. my mom used to do the same thing with asian beetles. they died.

  2. in my experience, they die.

    I am the bug-killer in my relationship, there is no shame in manly man or girly girl stuff.

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