Babies are Cute

I love babies. I’m not going to deny. It’s one of the many things Katie* and I don’t have common that makes our friendship work so well.

Last week my parents came down and we went to the Como Zoo. Thank goodness they let me bask in baby orangutan cuteness for a long time. I love their old man faces, hair, and playful personalities. He is totally smiling in this picture.

Since I had the great honor of winning Madelyn’s herb kit…I of course needed to plant some ASAP. With the cold winter month setting in (sad) I’m a little worried they won’t fully grow up to be adult basil and parsley, so I love them as babies. As Mads mentioned they are indeed our fall babies and they are adorable right now.

We also need to celebrate another baby, of sorts, our friend Sarah started a blog about her life in D.C. and we are so excited to welcome her to the blogging world. So stop by her blog, and say hello.

I’m off to sell some cattle in Iowa. Maybe I can post about the experience from my phone. –Kelly


One response to “Babies are Cute

  1. There are seven little lion cubs and two new kiwi chicks at the National Zoo (you can watch them on webcams from the zoo’s website: Thanks for the Two Minneapolitans bump!

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