Baltimore’s Sweet Treats

Gentle readers,

It occurs to me that I’ve never really shared the joy of Berger cookies with you all. This is partly because they’re hard to describe, and folks generally aren’t interested in just hearing about another “amazing” cookie — they want and need to experience it in person to fully understand.

Kelly has now been instructed in Berger cookies, so there is one more person who can appreciate them with me.

Baltimore, MD has a bit of a bad rap. “The Wire” was an excellent show, but it was based mostly on how the entire area is falling apart. Johns Hopkins is located there, but it can be isolated from the rest of the town. I visited once briefly, to watch the Twins get rained out at Camden Yards, but enjoyed it’s history as a port and Revolutionary city, and its diversity of neighborhoods.

Baltimore is also a huge dessert capital. Ace of Cakes, anyone? They definitely get the most press, and it is well-deserved.

When I went to grad school, I met another friend named Kelly, from Baltimore. She spoke openly about how much she missed Berger cookies. I didn’t really understand. But since she makes frequent trips back from Baltimore, she decided to bring up a couple of boxes of them.

They are incredible. As evidenced by their website, they only do one thing, and they do it well. No bells and whistles here, just one plain cookie (a sort of shortbread and sugar hybrid) absolutely SLATHERED with a mixture that is halfway between frosting and fudge.

Oops... I ate them all before I took the picture.

But wait, it gets better. Charm City may have the title for cake decorating, but what about pies?

Enter, Dangerously Delicious Pies. Again, barebones website. All their artistry goes into the pies (and the boxes they leave in — very heavy pizza box style, black and white, with the punk rocker skull and crossbones). If you scroll down through the list of the pies, you come to the “Baltimore Bomb.” I don’t know why they bury it — it should be front and center with wide angle lens pictures of what this creation is: Berger Cookies mixed with a custard/cream body. It is one big, heavy pie. It may have the highest content of both calories and sugar per serving than any other food on the planet (I’m looking at you, Deep Fried Candy Bar).

Nick helps Grad School Kelly with the class she teaches, and she pays him in cookies. And he’ll be there next weekend to pick up a pie. It’s terrific.

So sorry Kat, I know you love your cupcakes and NYC, but Baltimore is where its at for desserts.



One response to “Baltimore’s Sweet Treats

  1. I LOVE BERGER COOKIES!!!!! Seriously, they are the best cookie in the history of the cookie-eating universe. The museum’s off-site storage facility is west of Baltimore and I get a box every time I’m over there.

    P.S. Baltimore is awesome too.

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