TV talk

This is a bit of a half-formed thought, so I apologize in advance for not putting a whole lot of effort into it.

Since I don’t have a TV set up at all, I watch episodes on Hulu. Community is definitely the best, but I also follow Chuck and Glee. On occasion I’ll check in with Modern Family.

This week’s episode focused on lying. This is a common theme for all TV shows. (Insert longer statement on how TV isn’t just for entertainment, but to shine light on our society, etc…) I’m sure I Love Lucy has dealt with the subject. *That’s* how common it is.

But Modern Family this week enjoyed lying and getting away with it. Phil lies about the cabinet, and Cameron and <name> lie about the brunch party. Not only did they lie, got continue to lie to propagate the original lie, and end the episode confident that their ruse has worked.

The Simpsons, on the other hand, never takes this, “and he got away with it” attitude. Bart tries to get away with everything but ends up getting called out by Lisa, Marge, or whoever. Homer doesn’t seem to progress past the emotional age of 14, but recognizes his faults and feels poorly for them.

Even though Phil’s wife is confident something is up with the trip to the Museum of Tolerance, it is not addressed on screen. And <name> fixes Cameron’s frog statue, but only as a reparation to Cameron, instead of making reparations to Pepper (Nathan Lane, you are divine). Sure, telling Pepper the truth hurt, but that says a lot about who he is as a character and shouldn’t be a reason to keep going. Are morals not interesting anymore? The “happy ending” at the end of Simpsons episodes may seem cliche and overdone, but I much prefer it to the “hilarity” of lying and being able to get away with it without much consequence.




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