Since I have a self diagnosed case of A.D.D. today this post is a random mix of life, enjoy.

*Yesterday I drove from my apartment in St Paul to Lake Calhoun and back using Jeff’s truck (it’s big). This meant taking 94 and Hennepin during rush hour traffic. I only had one minor panic attack, but I’m alive.

*Jeff and I saw “The Town” last night. If you loved “The Departed” you’ll like this one. I love when Jeff agrees to see movies with Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm, it’s a win-win. Affleck’s character is a “good” bad guy and it’s sad to think why his character does what he does. I’d give it 3.5 out of 5.

*I just went for a walk around Como Lake. I saw a woodchuck, a muskrat, a monkey, and a friendly zombie. I can’t really explain the monkey and I’m hoping the zombie was on his way to the Zombie Bar Crawl, otherwise I’ll be moving back to Minneapolis soon.

*Finally, my Herbs are loving this weather along with everyone else. They definitely soaked up some sun and are growing beautifully. -Kelly


2 responses to “Willy-Nilly.

  1. Those herbs are out-of-control.

    As far as I’m concerned, this Unseasonally Warm Weather can become our perma-clime.

  2. What the wha?!? How do your herbs look like that???

    I killed off my first batch, but my second batch is nowhere near that insanity. bravo

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