Long Term Plans

I have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing a year from now, but I am making some fun plans.

The gig: quilting.

Now that I’m almost caught up on my scrapbooking, I can think about the bigger projects. First up, my gift for Kat and Marcus. This is TBD, but should be decided soon, and I will get right to work!

Then: a long overdue quilt for my friend Monica. For our high school graduation she crocheted a whole blanket for me. It’s beautiful, perfectly proportioned, and purple (the best color). Time for repaying the favor. I’m thinking something in the Flying Geese style. I’ll run the color choices by her, and purple is also her favorite color, but I’m thinking a deep blue background with bright geese (deep pinks, oranges, and yellows). We’ll see.

Last on the list (and it may take well into 2012 for me to get this far) is another one for myself. I found this this week, and it is absolutely magnificent. I must make it. It’s mostly squares, with one rectangle and two sizes of triangles, so very manageable shapes. And only two blocks! But, TONS of piecing. My mom says it’s definitely doable, but she recommended a throw or twin size. I suppose I agree, but someday I might revisit it and make a whole queen.

Quilting is generally not on the agenda of a Modern Feminist Woman such as myself. But I really really really really love the sense of accomplishment I get out of quilting. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of payoff.


My first quilt, full sized Fence Rail.



Second quilt, wedding gift for Grad School Kelly. Queen sized Log Cabin.




One response to “Long Term Plans

  1. Kate–Love the design you want to do for yourself! If I only had a sewing machine and patience I’d love to learn how to do that myself 🙂

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