Kelly’s right… I don’t get along with animals. They’re so unpredictable. When I was a kid I would frequently be in a situation where a large-medium (golden retriever or the like) would be “playing” with me, which always felt like “trampling.” And then there was the time my uncle’s rottweiler bit my brother’s hand. Plus, the allergies. Cats are similar, but they tend to move much more slowly and they like alone time. None of this “ohmygodthereissomeonecomingtothedoorlet’sgosayhi!!!!!!!” business. Plus, dogs are high maintenance. Like, almost as bad as children. *shudder*

I’m also not a night person. Visiting a friend’s small hometown in Pennsylvania, we spent into the late night visiting her friends. One house had TWO juvenile St. Bernard’s. Me, sleepy, face to face with two regular-sized ottomans. It was a brutal combination.

I like the idea of a cat that likes to cuddle. They clean up after themselves after using the litter box — why can’t they vacuum too? Then they’d be the perfect pet.



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