Very Indian

I have had the great pleasure to eat at Gorkha Palace twice this past week. I love good Indian food and this place has it.

On Saturday I went with Emily. I love the chance to introduce people to Indian food I love and give them a glimmer of what I experienced while studying there a few years ago. Emily and I had samosas (deep-fried dough

stuffed with veggies-potatoes, peas, onions, and lots of spice), palaak paneer (spinach and cheese), and daal (lentil soup).

I also went last night with my friend, Teresa. Teresa is good friend that I actually studied with in India. We have a blast getting to together over Indian food and bringing up old stories and talking about life. We both have decided we adore the new show on NBC, Outsourced. We find the minor cultural references amusing and can’t wait to see what other Indian references they will bring up.  Teresa and I went Tibetan style and ordered Momo’s. For the main dishes we had Aaloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower with lots of spices) and Mitho Kurilo (asparagus and potatoes with lots of spices). The food is delicious, and if you are craving Indian I absolutely recommend it. -Kelly



Momos, similar to pot stickers.

Palaak Paneer on the right. Daal on the left.

Aaloo Gobi. I forgot to take a picture at the restaurant.


2 responses to “Very Indian

  1. Inteeresting. I always eat the same thing at Indian places, so this was a good post for me!

  2. The dahl is actually on the right…

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