Finally, a potluck success

I am not very good at “whipping something up” for an event. I can do long range planning, and really detailed work. Big bowls of chili to freeze for later, huge helpings of lasagna for a family, and the time-intensive black/white cookies that are a huge success. I have *very* limited success when preparing food for my friends, and have frequently resorted to picking up deli items at the grocery store.

(I like to think this will change when I have a real apt again/have real cooking supplies/ability to stock a proper pantry, but those might just be today’s excuses.)

August book club’s biscuits and gravy turned out pretty well, but I am equally proud of last night’s Warm Mexican Corn Dip. I’m not going to bother with a picture, since it is totally not photogenic. I was really happy that the items were easy to find at the grocery store, it was basically a fool-proof recipe, and it still had an interesting taste. The corn added crucial texture.

(Warning: recipe makes TONS; I made a half. It also recommends tortilla chips. With all the salt in the cream cheese, I opted for bagel crisps, which I believe was the right decision. And finally, it could have done with a bit more spice. Maybe a few shakes of tobasco sauce?)

Here’s to always learning!



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