I am really really excited to start my next project, but I can’t yet. So I went and bought a couple things to think about for the long term.


Recent purchases


On the left is the pattern to the design I linked to last week. It came in the mail, and I am super excited to have it.

The mag/book on the right is much more embarrassing… you know when you check out at the grocery store, and next to the People’s and National Enquirer’s are the Real Simple’s and “How to cook 72 easy meals out of a crock pot” books? Yep, this is one of those. Very much an impulse buy, which I took a good three minutes to rationalize in my head before I checked out of the store. My excuse is that there are at least four patterns in there that I could make at my current skill level, so I imagine it will get a lot of use. (And as an ego-boost, it includes the two patterns I’ve already done, so I can say “pssh, I am way too advanced for those.”)

Don’t worry, this will be my last quilting post for a while! Should be a great weekend. Enjoy the sun!



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