Kelly v. Cheese

While living with Jeff I have learned new things about him every day. Yesterday’s lesson: the boy loves cheese. Okay, I confess I knew this already, but I think he has an addiction.

Jeff and I need to do some serious grocery shopping so we were creating a list last night. Jeff handed me his portion and it went something like this*:

1) Cheese for burgers

2) Cheese for sandwiches

3) A block of cheese

4) Shredded cheese

5) String Cheese

*Disclaimer: He had other items but I’m leaving those out for dramatic effect.

So while I tried to explain to Jeff that items 1-3 could be the same cheese, he replied, “I know, but I want to make sure you’re prepared”.

I’m pretty sure if given the chance Jeff would eat cheese on everything he eats and because Jeff is from Wisconsin, he may even like it more than me.

-Kelly, second to cheese.

Edited by Katie* to add: I have the exact same issue with Nick. He’s also from Wisconsin.


One response to “Kelly v. Cheese

  1. Haha this post made me laugh! Where do you two live?

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