Book overload

Problem 1) I kept forgetting to pick up the copy of 1984 in Minnetonka. Finally managed to on Sunday.

Solution 1) Finished on Tuesday afternoon.

Problem 2) I had to pick up Loving Frank from the library the previous Thursday.

Solution 2) Should finish by this Saturday.

Problem 3) The Particular Sadness of Lemoncake is waiting for me at the library.

Solution 3) Try my absolute hardest to finish it quickly without an extension (the waiting list is still 360!).

Problem 4) Meeting with my best friend on Saturday to discuss her quilt. This could disrupt all reading timetables.

Solution 4) ???

Problem 5) My stack of job applications has been ignored. This is BAD.

Solution 5) STOP READING.

In other news, lots of commitments. Sushi with the high school friends, birthday dinner for a friend from church, book club, helping at the church office, and assisting with the annual gala for my volunteer location. Plus, all the preK-K kids you could hope for (one of them insisted on sitting in my lap).



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