Again, falling into a stereotype

There is definitely something wrong with my car. I am not making this up.

Earlier this year my car did a scary thing, five times. When braking, my pedal would go all the way to the FLOOR, eventually catch, and brake properly. I would take my foot off the brake and re-place it, and it would catch normally. But still a very scary situation to be in. I took it to the shop, a small place that has great reviews on Yelp, to an older white guy and a younger Hispanic guy. Between the two of them, they probably know everything. But they said they could not repeat the experience (well yeah, it had only happened five times) and that nothing seemed wrong with the brake cylinder. I was frustrated when I left the shop, but it hasn’t really been an issue since, so I let it go.

You know the sound of a dentist’s drill? Tone down the decibel level, and that’s what my car sounds like when I push on the accelerator. I figure it’s a belt of some kind, and Google searches tend to agree with me. I took the car back in the other day to have a look at it. Not only can they not replicate the sound, apparently my belts are all new (must have happened when I got the new radiator).

These people must think I am the dumbest person ever, with my imaginary problems. Maybe I should take my car to a different shop, for a second opinion, and where they don’t know I may be a total blond stereotype.



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