Shopping tidbits

Never buy a cotton shirt for over $10. It’s not worth it. Recently Kelly and I both picked up several shirts from the GAP for the ridiculous price of $3-$5. There are no regrets. And if you can get a couple in white or black, double bonus points.

While I know each Target store has its own special quirks, they are generally the same. Today I went to the one on Lake Street and discovered that they do not carry steel wool or sandpaper. (I think the Mtka one may carry sandpaper still.) This was shocking to me. For my whole life Target has been the store to get everything you need, plus lots of stuff you don’t. Steel wool and sandpaper seem like the kind of items you go in for, and as a result come out spending more than $50. But since they did not have the steel wool I needed, I only spent $8.

Instead I went to our neighborhood hardware store, and immediately fell in love. Nick has always had a thing for hardware stores, which I never understood. But I think I do now: they have things you NEED! Shocking, I know. This one did not smell like paint and fertilizer, but despite this fact, it was still perfect.

One last thing: at the Target pharmacy and the hardware store, I was assisted by younger Somali (?) women. I suppose it is common for a lot of Americans to think, “Someone with a hijab at the hardware store/pharmacy? That’s weird and makes me feel uncomfortable.” But I loved it. They came to America to earn a living for their families, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Bravo.



One response to “Shopping tidbits

  1. I’ll confess – I’ll do anything for Perfect Fit Crew + Scoopneck tees from JCrew. But I’ve found that if you buy them on ~30% off final sale, you can nab them for around $10. Obsessed.

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