Today’s weather pattern perfectly mimics the one for the Halloween Blizzard of 1991 (which I did not realize was also the setting for the actual Perfect Storm on the East Coast). I’d rather have the snow. Plus, I was wearing interview clothes today and had to take four buses, which meant my ankles got VERY COLD. Bus shelters are designed to keep off the ground about 6-8″, which keeps people from kicking the bottom of the glass by accident, prevents trash from congregating, and makes the shelter a less inviting place for homeless folks to crash. The wind was quite happy to whip out under that gap and spank my ankles. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The Halloween Blizzard of ’91 (capitalization required) was terrific. I was 6 years old, the perfect age for Trick or Treating. And my mother had made the most perfect purple princess dress ever. It’s beautiful, and it’s still hanging in a closet at their house. By fantastic coincidence, my snowpants were also purple that year. Instead of having to bundle up and have to explain at every house what I was going as for the holiday, I could still look somewhat dressed up. It was amazing. Oh, and since fewer kids were out, the houses all gave out more candy.

Instead, it’s just nasty out today. Frowny face.



One response to “Blizzard

  1. Omg. Going outside to collect my shingles was really enough. I can’t imagine having to stand outside for more than uno momento 😦

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