Fashion vs. Not

Earlier this week an email went around my friends commenting on the incongruity of an LL Bean jacket being touted as being something to buy for the fall season by ELLE. Sure, LL Bean isn’t known for being cutting edge, but their clothes are actually well-made.  I am sick of buying poorly constructed clothes that wear out instantly. I even had a pair of GAP jeans wear a hole in the ass after only three months.  There is no substitute for high quality.  And if I had a house and had to rake leaves this time of year, I would definitely buy the jacket. In fact, with my volunteer gig, I will be buying a pair of flannel-lined jeans for the winter, possibly at LL Bean or even (gasp!) Carhart. I agree; not fashion-forward. But still excellent.

Speaking of well-made, I am due for a new pair of Sorels. My old pair has been a size too small for too many years.  The best part of Sorels is that, in addition to the shell lasting forever, you can buy new linings, to stay warm without springing for a whole new pair! I can’t decide between the well-known classic, or the same pair that I currently have. (These will likely go on my Christmas List. For some reason, I always end up asking for footwear for the holidays.)

On the other side of the spectrum, Corporette featured this amazing bag today. Like C’s Kat, I am usually not a fan of the crossbody look, and I’ve been pretty immune to the “OMG!!!1! so cute!! must have!!!!!” sensation. But it’s beautiful. Oh, so beautiful. (bonus: read the one review on the Bloomie’s site. Under 18 years old and using it as a schoolbag?)

(FTC Note: No, we were not reimbursed by the companies mentioned here. I wish! Call me, Badgley Mischka!)



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