On Wednesday night I volunteered at the gala for the organization I volunteer for on a weekly basis. I recognized a lot of staff and fellow volunteers, and it was nice to chat with them. With a crowd of 900, the best part was the people watching. Not crazy-watching, but celebrity-watching. The room was filled with people I admire, people that I only read about and rarely experience in person.  I admit to bidding on a lunch with my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss, who I think is terrific.    Plus, I didn’t know my boss’s boss would be there, so I said hi; she commented on how I’m “everywhere” and was happy to find out I work with the organization. I also enjoyed seeing what all these rich and powerful women wore (varied from tasteful separates to full-on evening wear, with lots of tall black boots of various textures), drank (mostly white wine), and who they chatted with (political families naturally congregate). The mood wasn’t exactly festive; more like “determined.”

But it wasn’t just the celebrities. It was also the (admittedly more wealthy) individuals who support the organization. Passionate supporters who weren’t there because it was an important social/political event, but because they put time and money into the mission. Tickets weren’t cheap. Someday, I hope to be one of those donors, instead of just a volunteer.

But let’s be honest: by volunteering I got the same dinner as the paid guests, and it was terrific. Plus a glass of wine! Thank you, Minneapolis Hilton!



One response to “Aspirational

  1. I just love benefits and galas.

    Plus it’s super-interesting to see how people choose to behave/attire themselves when they’ve been set free of their 8-5 constraints.

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