Thank you, Internet (or, when Googling isn’t enough)

I have started on the quilting project for my friend Monica. I showed her a variety of patterns to choose from, and she picked one out of a book that is pretty easy (but will still challenge me).

First challenge: enlarging the pattern (quilting term: block). The block in the book is meant for a crib size, and is therefore pretty small. I do not have the hands of a sweatshop worker in Cambodia, so I want to enlarge it. I would probably lose all my fingernails if I tried to do a full-sized quilt with such small blocks. I went about a Google search to “enlarge a block.” And shockingly, Google failed me.

Enter: real people. The horror, I know. I stay the heck away from internet forums out of principle. Partly because I did a bit too much of that as a middle schooler and had a negative experience with it, and partly because it’s hard for me to keep track of it all (formatting, other user’s names and backgrounds). I am a bad enough friend to people I actually like and see on a regular basis; I don’t want to push them out of the way to make room for cyber friends.

Aaaanyways… I instead Googled for quilting forums, and found a handful that all looked very active. I settled on the one run by HGTV, registered my username and password, and posted a question. (Side note: If any of you use internet forums, please read all the moderation rules closely. It is easy for things to spiral out of control on the interwebs, and your cooperation with the rules is very much appreciated by everyone, which will increase your chances of a helpful response.)

Within an HOUR I had an answer to my question. Two answers, as a matter of fact. From a retired high school math teacher, who of course used the opportunity to reteach me the Pythagorean theorem. I knew it would be involved, honest, I just didn’t know the best way to apply it to quilting!

Anyways, a big WIN. Now I can go fabric shopping and really get started on it.



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