A New Addition

It is finally official. Jeff and I are getting a PUPPY!!!

This is a huge step. 1) Jeff promised a dog when I got a “real job”. 2) Dogs usually mean you’re in for the long haul, right?

The puppy in question is a springer. Yes, it’s a hunting dog, but do you really see Jeff and I with a poodle? He is going to look something like this:

Won’t he be the cutest thing in the world.

A litter of puppies were born last week and I can take home my little [name to be determined] near Christmas time.

Since I have been nagging Jeff with possible names and getting no where, I’m opening up my options. I want your opinions, please. I’ve made a poll.

Blog Polls
I look forward to your opinions! -Kelly

P.S. Since a bunny picture was in popular demand and I finally had the chance to snag one when I was home, here it is.


3 responses to “A New Addition

  1. It told me I had already voted. Not so. My call is Scout. There’s just something that’s so adorable about dogs named Scout.

  2. You are getting a puppy??!?!?!? I’m so excited (and jealous) of you!!!!!!

    I agree with Kat, I like Scout.

  3. Wow congrats!!!!

    Jonathan and I are getting one too! We are all crazy.

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