How far will you go for a Facebook friend?

I just got the most annoying Facebook message. Some background.

We met at camp in 4th or 5th grade. She was definitely the best friend I had at camp. But since it was for only 2 weeks and we didn’t really exchange letters afterwards, we totally lost touch.

Then, the summer after my freshman year at college, I went to the national residence hall conference, and saw her there with her school. It was one of those scenes from a movie: we instantly recognized each other. It was pretty neat. We chatted for a bit in person at the conference (but not a whole lot; there was a lot going on). Came back, found each other on Facebook, and that’s it. No happy birthday messages or anything since. (Although I may have posted on her wall congratulating her on her marriage.)

For the past couple of weeks she’s been posting some sort of contest for her and her husband to win a trip over New Year’s. I ignored it as the usual spam. But I just got a message in my Facebook inbox (not wall) with a “Hi Katie!” and then copy and paste a generic greeting along with how I can help her win this trip.

I’m just not feeling it.

Am I totally out of line here? My girlfriends generally ask me etiquette questions, but I’m stumped on this one.



One response to “How far will you go for a Facebook friend?

  1. I would would say “no” in this situation. Maybe if she would have wished you a happy birthday or any other form of communication prior to this request. Since this is the only time she’s communicated with you, you are under no obligation to vote for her.

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