Thanksgiving saga: Resolved

The sleeping arrangements for Thanksgiving have finally been finalized. Whew. We had been dancing around the issue of where to stay for a while. He’d either be too busy with work to think about it, or I’d be in avoidance mode. After Kat’s hugely successful Airbnb experience, I wanted to try it, but he was skeptical. After just a few minutes of describing the site and the variety of options available, he found a place he could live with (a little east of Union Station), we messaged her to confirm her availability for the holiday, she messaged back, and we’re set! Very exciting. Next week we’ll start emailing about the details, like when we’re arriving and what we should be doing for Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully this is as unconventional as any of my holidays will ever be.

No joke, Nick has been “napping” for two hours now. A half hour ago I tried to get him up. He very groggily mumbled, “I’m getting there slowly,” and promptly fell back asleep. I can’t force it, can I? He did have a killer week at work, though, so I don’t mind. He realizes the napping is a semi-issue: “I didn’t come here to nap; I came here to nap with you.” Awwwwwwwwwww.



One response to “Thanksgiving saga: Resolved

  1. I love it – the napping thing is hysterical and sweet at the same time 🙂

    Good luck with Air BnB! I tried to write something about you that would sound like you’re responsible, yet hip.

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