How To Make A Quilt: The Fun Part

My favorite part of the quilt is the piecing (not: the math, straightening the fabric, the safety pins, the quilting). Here’s a little photo description of how to do it.

After doing a bunch of math-type things, you cut the fabric into the appropriate sizes. Below: 6-1/8″ squares in various colors; triangles cut from 5″ squares

Sewing right sides together, sew triangles on opposite sides of the square.

Press the seams open.

Sew the opposite triangles on.

Press open those seams.

Repeat 62 times. (but you pull a Henry Ford and make a production line out of it)

Now if you remember the pattern:

…you remember that the squares go ‘pink/cream/pink/cream/…’ In this case, it’s periwinkle/cream. You want to spread out the main square colors too. Before sewing it all together, lay out your pattern to make sure it’ll look right.

That’s about what the final version will look like. It took me exactly 6 days to get this far. Now I get to sew that all together, make a border, attach the border, find batting, find backing fabric, safety pin it all together, quilt it*, and finish it properly. Assuming the border goes well (it’s a pattern I’ve never made before and will need help from my mom), everything should be finished by Thanksgiving.

I think I mentioned that the cashier at the fabric store said the fabric colors look like my friend, and she was absolutely right. I sent the above picture to another friend from high school, and completely unprompted, he also said that the fabric colors looked like my friend. Quite the statement.

*quilting refers to the process of sewing through the top layer, batting, and backing. Real quilters use an incredibly expensive machine (several thousands of dollars) and a computer to sew intricate designs through the piecing. I am not that skilled, nor do I want to spend $26.75/hr to rent the machine, so I just sew along the seams I’ve already made; this is a technique called “stitch in the ditch.”



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