Thanksgiving x3

Thanksgiving #1: Most of my large City department is on one floor of our building, and someone had the great idea to have a potluck Thanksgiving the Thursday before the actual date. I saw it advertised last year but since I was based on the 2nd floor I could not participate. Dishes are left in the four conference rooms in different corners of the floors according to their place in the meal (apps, entrees, salads, desserts). What a great way to mingle around! But of course, I am stumped at what I should be making.

Thanksgiving #2: Some friends are gathering for a dinner and it has been suggested that folks do a test run of what they will be making for the Main Event. So would that make my office party a Test Run for the Test Run?

Thanksgiving #3: Hopefully using our DC host’s kitchen. Fortunately Nick will have his car so we can have supplies in advance.

My mom did a test run of her own this weekend and made a terrific pumpkin bar. I’m generally not a huge pumpkin person, but since it was a bar and not a whole slice I think I handled it better. Plus, the crust was something entirely unique and had terrific texture.

… maybe *that’s* what I’ll make for the three events!



One response to “Thanksgiving x3

  1. I’m still thinking green bean casserole and stuffing with gravy. I’ve been dying to just eat a meal solely composed of that for the last week, but I think Marcus would lose all respect for me.

    I can’t wait to see what everyone makes!

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